Being an offensive or defensive lineman is a tough, sometimes thankless job. We would like to recognize the hard work that these linemangentleman put forth each and every week with our Lineman of the Week post.

Each week the coaches from our 5 teams will nominate two standout lineman to be announced following the weekend’s games.

We would like to recognize and congratulate the following offensive and defensive lineman for their hard work during our October 18th games:

L. Klingsporn
A. Stewart

5/6 Blue
R. Kight
C. Nussbaumer
E. Whitlock
I. Bland
V. Uata

5/6 Gold
L. Clark
T. Paysse

Junior Varsity

G. Howe
D. Neumiller

Keep up the great work!

October 11th Lineman of the Week