Equipment Provided

LCF provides each player with the following equipment: helmet, shoulder pads, knee, thigh & hip pads, personalized game jersey, practice pants & game pants. 

Additional Equipment
Players will need to supply football cleats. TVYFL rules require that players wear youth football cleats. They must be either a molded cleat or internally threaded shoes where no post is extending from the shoe (instead, the cleat post screws internally into the shoe). Maximum size of cleat is ½ inch. No all metal, primarily metal, or metal tipped cleats may be worn. Weigh masters and/or referees will be inspecting cleats prior to each game.

Optional equipment such as gloves, additional mouth guards, athletic supporters, and other pads (rib, collars, etc.) are also the responsibility of the player. If you have braces, you will need a special mouth guard intended for use with braces.

Equipment Fitting Day
The proper fit of football equipment is imperative for your child’s safety. Coaches will be on hand to fit your player for helmet and shoulder pads.

It is very common for your helmet to hurt your head for the first couple of weeks. Helmets must be tight fitting in order to protect the head, and this tightness can cause some discomfort. We recommend wearing your helmet around the house before practices start to get used to it, in addition to getting it on and off.

Cleaning Equipment

  • Jerseys and pants: wash in warm water. Do not bleach. Air dry or tumble dry on low.
  • Shoulder and other pads: wipe off with clean, damp cloth. Allow to air dry.
  • Helmet: Hand wash dirt and clean interior pads with clean, damp cloth. Allow to air-dry.

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