League Rules

Team Formation
It is the intent of the Liberty Community Football (LCF) Board to provide playing opportunities for the youth in the Liberty boundary, and therefore any players from outside the Liberty High School boundaries will not be eligible to play in the LCF without a waiver and board approval.

When two teams play in the same group (i.e., two 3rd/4th grade teams), the coaches will be given the opportunity to evaluate all players in order to determine individual skill level for team selection. Coaches need to ensure that teams with blended grade levels have an equal number of players at each level. Coaches will be provided with a list of players for each grade level prior to the draft.

In accordance with the Tualatin Valley Youth Football (TVYFL) bylaws, there will be no stacking of teams (no A team, B team, etc.), and teams will be divided with equal skill levels. No team will carry more than 30 players.

Ball Carrying Weight Limits

  • 3rd/4th – 105 lbs
  • 5th/6th – 125 lbs
  • Jr. Varsity – 150 lbs
  • Varsity – 175 lbs

Minimum play rule
The TVYFL minimum play rule is 10 plays per game. Each team will have Play Plotters that communicate with coaches during the game to ensure all players receive at least 10 plays.

Required Conditioning
The TVYFL requires athletes to have ten (10) hours of conditioning time before they are allowed to have “contact” and play in pads. The Falcon Football Camp takes care of  the required conditioning hours. Please try your best to not schedule vacation time in August. If your player does miss conditioning time, they will need to make those hours up when the rest of the team is practicing in full pads. Please notify the board and your coach of scheduled vacations no later than 2 weeks prior to camp. Players should wear Tshirt, shorts and cleats to camp and bring a water bottle.Game Day


Practices start the first week in August. Prior to Labor Day, practice times are limited to 10 hours per week.  After Labor Day, practices are limited to 6 hours per week because of Saturday game time.

Game Day
Game time on Saturdays will be 3 hours. Players are required to be at the field 1 hour prior to game time for warm-ups and weigh-in. All players must be weighed-in or they will not be eligible to play. All players are weighed in full gear (excluding helmet). Players must wear ALL gear that they will wear during the game including extra pads, collars, etc. Players are not allowed to add any additional gear after they have been weighed-in.

Number of Games
The 3/4 division teams each play 7 scheduled games and then one “Medal” game against an opponent with a Run-throughsimilar record. The other division teams each play 8 scheduled games. Those in the top 4 of their TVYFL league will move onto two playoff games. The winner of those games will play a championship game.

In cases of tied records, there may be a “Kansas Plan” playoff during the week between the end of the season and the start of the playoff games.

Game Locations
Our home games are played at Liberty High School. Most of our away games are played against others in our local TVYFL area including Scappoose, St. Helens, Aloha, Sherwood, Westview, Sunset, Hillsboro, Tigard, etc.

Kansas Plan Rule
The Kansas Plan rule is a way to break ties, usually at the end of a game, but it can also be used as a playoff at the end of the regular season to determine who makes it into the playoffs. The ball is placed 10 to 25 yards away from the goal (depending on division), and the offensive team has 4 tries to score. Then the teams switch sides and the new offensive team has 4 tries. If only one team scores, they are the winner. Otherwise, the process is repeated.