Liberty Youth Football is run entirely by volunteers within the Liberty community. There are many ways you can contribute. Every family is required to volunteer 4 hours of their time during the season. Many hands make light work…we need everyone to get involved!

Once teams are formed and game schedules are out, contact your Team Parent to sign up for your volunteer hours. If you do not schedule volunteer time with your Team Parent, they will assign you whatever jobs and times are left!

Team Parent
This an invaluable job that every team needs. Team parents communicate with the team & coaches (practice times/changes, high school events, etc.), coordinate game day volunteers, hand-out apparel orders, coordinate end of season party, etc.

Game Day Volunteers

  • Field Set-up (home games): If your team plays early on Saturday morning (3rd and 4th grade Field Greeterparents, this is you) and you bring your child to the game for weigh-in, we would really love your help with this task. Time commitment: 1/2 hour – 1 hour shift. 
  • Field Greeters (home games): We need one parent per game to serve as field greeter to welcome visiting teams, show them where to weigh-in, and keep spectators off the track during and between games. Time commitment: 2-3 hours.
  • Weigh Master (all games): Each team needs 1 or 2 parents to weigh in the players from the visiting team prior to the game. This is a good job for two parents to share. Weigh-in starts one hour prior to game time. Time commitment: 1 hour
  • Team Videographer (all games): Coaches find it very valuable to review their games on video. This helps them evaluate what their team is doing right and where they can improve. If you have a video camera we would love your help! Time commitment: 2 hours per week.
  • Team Photographer (all games): If you would like to take action shots of players and coaches during the games, please contact your Team Parent. We always appreciate action photos of the kids for slide-shows, Facebook and the website. Time commitment: 2 hours per week.
  • Play Plotter (all games):  We need two (2) parents at every game to stand on the sidelines and tally plays for each player. Play Plotters communicate with the coaches during the game and work together to ensure every player gets their minimum 10 plays. Time commitment: 2 hours per game
  • Chain Gang (away games): You can help us by marking downs during away games. Time commitment: 2 hours per game.

Questions? Contact the Volunteer Coordinator, at volunteer_coordinator@liberty-youthfootball.com .


Online Coaching Applications are now being accepted.

For the protection of the children involved in the LCF program, all coaches and assistant coaches will be required to do a background check.

If you are interested in coaching, please contact Shane Rekow, at president@liberty-youthfootball.com