Here are some Frequently Asked Questions we get at the start of each season:

Q. My player is complaining that his head hurts. Does he need a new helmet?
A. It is very common for a helmet to cause some discomfort in the first couple of weeks of practice. That doesn’t mean the helmet doesn’t fit. Helmets must be tight fitting in order to protect the head properly, and this tightness can cause some discomfort. We recommend that players wear their helmets around the house before practices start to get used to it. In addition, have your player practice taking the helmet on and off, including snapping the chip straps.

Q. Where should I get my player a mouthguard?faqs
A. Any sporting goods store – I prefer Dick’s Sporting Goods, as they fiscally support our league, the TVYFL.

Q. Are there any restrictions on mouth guards?
A. Yes – no red or clear mouth guards may be used. Both are prohibited by the league. If a referee sees a red or clear mouth guard, he can excuse the player from the game until the player obtains a different mouth guard.

Q. Can my player wear a tinted visor?
Q. No. Regardless if there is a prescription, tinted visors cannot be used. If your child needs tinted glasses (for a migraine condition, etc), tinted sports goggles/glasses will need to be used in place of a tinted visor.

Q. What about a non-tinted visor?
A. In the age of NFL players being role models to our players, accessories are a HUGE thing. Visors are nothing more than an accessory and something I would not personally waste my money on. They serve no sports value, and can actually be an issue when the pieces of black turf (we call them turf turds) get caught between the visor and their face, usually finding their way into the players’ eyes, which is painful to say the least.

Q. Are there any restrictions on cleats?
A. TVYFL rules require that players wear cleats. They must be either a molded cleat or internally threaded shoes where no post is extending from the shoe. Maximum size of cleat is ½ inch. No all metal, primarily metal, or metal tipped cleats may be worn. Weigh masters and/or referees will be inspecting cleats prior to each game, and if the player isn’t wearing the correct type of cleat, they will not be permitted to play.

Q. Does my player need an athletic cup?
A. This is a preference per player – some feel they cannot athletically move with one, others wear them with no issues. Whereas they are required in baseball and lacrosse, they are optional for football.

Q. Does my player need gloves?
A. Equipment such as gloves and other pads (rib, collar, etc.) are optional, and will be the responsibility of the player.